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Last Chance To See Reader

System Errors X

GS Errors X

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Applications and games made with Xojo - get started free with the REALbasic successor.


System Errors X application icon System Errors X

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Version 7.0, © 2011 - 22 Classics For X

System Errors X Screenshot

Freeware, to be downloaded free of charge

(Intel + Silicon, 6.0 MB)


Original version, © 1991 "Dr. Pete" Corless

Freeware, to be downloaded free of charge

(vMac, Bas, Sheep, 41 kB)


Alien Nations Screenshot

This application is of use, if you're using emulators of previous Macintosh models, like Mini vMac, Basilisk II and/or SheepShaver. Whenever a bomb message pops up within the emulated Mac system, take a look to the Mac application "System Errors" (2nd download above), or even look into its "Classics For X" remake, which has been created natively for macOS..

See also:
Mac OS System Error Codes: 1 to 32767
Mac OS System Error Codes: 0 to -261
Mac OS System Error Codes: -299 to -5553

"System Errors X" may be included at any download sites, with no permission required.

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