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Main site - Dapplegrey News blog - New to Dapplegrey 7

New features of Dapplegrey 7.0

  • Being 64-Bit now, Dapplegrey 7.0 requires Mac OS X 10.9 minimum.
  • Optimized for Retina graphical devices.
  • Sound Blaster window reduces number of toolbar items a bit, combining Sound Blaster 1 with 1 Pro and 2 with 2 Pro, using a checkbox to determine if Pro is the one to be used or not.
  • When using a DOSBox SVN 2018 version (or an upcoming one), the setting oplemu=mame is available now.
  • The following joystick options found in 2018 SVN are available: Circularinput and deadzone, including a redesigned Joystick sheet window when using current DOSBox SVN versions.
  • Attempting to remove a game entry now reveals the game title to be rmvd.
  • When editing AUTOEXEC.BAT lines, the game title the lines belongs to will be mentioned now.
  • Dropped Hard Disk Drive and Floppy images with suffix .dmg will be recognized now.
  • DOSBox Love is supported now, including its glide settings.
  • IMGMakeGUI window has been revisited, to match hard disk drive image size given by DOSBox-X. This window can be reached by the DOSBox menu item, when a DOSBox port is used that support the ImgMake command (MB5, MB6, DOSBox-X).
  • Some of the DOSBox-X additions are available as well: Larger RAM allocation, Serialmouse in Networking, scale up to 4x and 5x, additional machine types, some additional CPU types.
  • Display toolbar adds Glide settings, which are available for DOSBox Love and DOSBox Glide Wrapper only.
  • Use of Language Files is an option in the Preferences window now as well. Before, there was just a path to Language File given. Now, when starting DOSBox, a Language File will only be used if this option (located in the main Preferences window) is activated. If the use of Language Files is activated in the main Preferences window, you can still de-activate it in the particular game profiles. Remember, when DOSBox quits unexpectedly after starting up, an incompatible Language File may be the reason of.
  • Adds a new menu item in the DOSBox menu to execute the DOSBox internal Help command.
  • When using a DOSBox version prior to 0.73, the CPU type window now gives a reminder that CPU type is not supported with.
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