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Main site - New 8.0 features - COWSHED.EXE

New features of Dapplegrey 8.0
  • Native for Macintosh Intel and Silicon computers (Universal application)
  • Requires Mac OS X/macOS 10.10 minimum now
  • On Drive C:, the ability to use disk images has been removed
  • Supports Overlay drives supported in DOSBox SVN. Overlay drives saves changes to the hard disk, while the original drive folder remains untouched
  • On CD ROM, multiple drive letters are no longer limited to the same type of drive (folder or image)
  • Use of language file is now a global setting only. Means, each game will run with language file set in main Preferences window now.
  • Remember, with an incompatible language file, DOSBox refuses to start
  • The Windows 3.1 Setup sheet window has been removed
Dapplegrey 8.3.1 - Boxer and DBGL mentioned now
In some circumstances, path to captures and path to game folder may not have been written correctly.
Dapplegrey 8.2.6, 8.3 - DOSBox- X 0.84 and 0.84.1
  • Selecting DOSBox-X no longer causes Dapplegrey to cause the Spinning Beachball
  • Internal COWSHED.EXE has been updated to 1.1
Dapplegrey 8.2.3, 8.2.4, 8.2.5 - DOSBox-X 83.24, GUS, "/Volumes/Volumes/..."
  • Version 83.24 of DOSBox-X, High Sierra port, will be recognized correctly now
  • In the Mixer section, Gravis Ultrasound (GUS) is now working
  • When running another game from the File menu, DOSBox should no longer try to mount some "/Volumes/Volumes/..." pathes.
Dapplegrey 8.2.2 - Cleaning up the main window
  • Starting with this release, if you've downloaded the Dapplegrey package including DOS Toolbox (which have to be copied into the Dapplegrey's own Application Support folder in order to be used), when the included DOS application COWSHED.EXE has been updated recently, Dapplegrey will ask to replace the older one located in Application Support
  • If calling Game Info from the Games menu item, the window will be cleaned up before
  • The "Copy Toolbox to Application Support" related items has been removed from the window. Copying these files is still available from the file menu item.
Dapplegrey 8.2, 8.2.1 - DOSBox-X + Pentium II, III
  • After Pentium II, DOSBox-X adds support for CPU type Pentium III now as well.
  • Version 83.23 of DOSBox-X, High Sierra port, will be recognized correctly now.
Dapplegrey 8.1 - DOSBox-X and Staging
  • Saving a copy of the Games list should work again
  • VMemsize now available for DOSBox Staging as well (starting with 0.78), to be found in the Graphics menu item of Dapplegrey, please see the menu bar at the top of the screen
  • For use with DOSBox Staging, the CGA settings has been revised
  • When DOSBox Staging has been set as DOSBox source, it will be recognized at the start of Dapplegrey now
  • DOSBox-X 83.20 and 83.21 for High Sierra will be recognized correctly now
  • CPU type Pentium II recently introduced in DOSBox-X are included now
  • PCjr Composite Machine modes found in DOSBox-X are included now
Dapplegrey 8.0.6, 8.0.7 - DOSBox-X High Sierra version, 83.19
  • Version 83.19 of DOSBox-X, High Sierra port, will be recognized correctly now.
  • If an area of Dapplegrey is active, that doesn't act with DOS games and apps, the Toolbar buttons Keyboard and Mixer are de-activated as well.
  • Internal DOS application COWSHED.EXE updated to 1.0.2
Dapplegrey 8.0.5 - Some refinements
  • When adding games to the list, a possible crash has been fixed
  • In the Hard disk drive C: panel, when executable files are listed in the Popup menu, this is no longer commented with "No Executable files has been found"
  • Other minor refinements has been done
Dapplegrey 8.0.4 - Writing correct values to config file
In some circumstances, path to captures and path to game folder may not have been written correctly.
Bugfixes 8.0.1 to 8.0.3
  • When writing Configuration files to hard disk drive, Network Serial1 is no longer written twice.
  • Resetting the Mixer and Memsize values now works flawlessy.
  • The version number of the DOSBox-X port made for earlier macOS versions may be better detected now. This functionality works best for already existing ones, but with upcoming ones, there are no more discrepancies in version detection
  • DOSBox-Staging will be detected more reliable than before
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