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Main site - Dapplegrey News blog - New to Dapplegrey 7

Dapplegrey News blog

Dapplegrey 7.4.2 - Bug fix update

  • Fixes in the Machine Options window (Video Memory settings related to DOSBox-X)
  • Displaying favorites should now work w/o showing the beachball.
  • From Drives C: sheet window, displaying and opening DOS text files should work again.

Dapplegrey PAD file - new location

Dapplegrey now has its own entry in the official PAD repository hosted by AppVisor. To get updates on this application, in the future please refer to

Dapplegry 7.4.1 - Fighting against empty game entries.

The developer noticed an entry game title in his DOS games list with no drives and game exe settings, so this version now checks for empty game titles while saving and reading the games list, plus removing such entries.

Dapplegrey 7.4 - Let's talk about SDL2 again

In the Graphics Options window, missing SDL2 options has been added now: vsync and renderer.

For details of using the SDL2 port of DOSBox, please refer to Remote mouse on MacOS and Black screen and freezing in macOS both located in the DOSBox VOGONs forums.

Dapplegrey 7.3 - SDL2-SVN version recognized now

  • In the context of DOSBox-X, the VMemsize setting has been revised.
  • DOSBoxSDL2 made by VOGONs member Dominus will be recognized now
  • Menu "File" -> "Run another game" let select and run a DOS executable file again

Dapplegrey 7.2.1 - Bug fix

One of the Reset Buttons had no functionality since 7.2, which has been fixed now.

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Dapplegrey PAD file: