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Main site - Dapplegrey News blog - New to Dapplegrey 7

Dapplegrey News blog

Dapplegrey 7.6.1 - another Mac OS release version like 7.5, 7.5.1, and 7.6 in the past

  • Frameskip settings has been fixed.
  • Because Toolbox Games and Applications listings are lost, they will be refreshed. So if you made some changes to these listings, unfortunately you'll need to reset them.
  • Unfortunately, this version is not code-signed yet. Please do a right-click on this application to run it.

Dapplegrey 7.6 - DOSBox Staging Git Support

  • DOSBox Staging Git will be recognized now
  • GLShader (to be used by DOSBox SVN and Staging)
  • Better DOSBox-X handling
  • Some DOSBox-Staging options has been included as well (machine=cga_mono, GLShader, renderer)

Dapplegrey 7.5.1 - Genre "Graphics adventure"

When the genre "Graphic adventure" is chosen, its games will be listed now as well.

Dapplegrey 7.5 - Remembering Keyboardlayout now

  • Selected keyboard layout finally will be remembered now, lo longer being reset to "USA" at every start of Dapplegrey.
  • In the Dapplegrey internal Help System, the contacting options has been revised
    (how to get in touch with the Dapplegrey programmer) .

Dapplegrey 7.4.2 - Bug fix update

  • Fixes in the Machine Options window (Video Memory settings related to DOSBox-X)
  • Displaying favorites should now work w/o showing the beachball.
  • From Drives C: sheet window, displaying and opening DOS text files should work again.

Dapplegrey PAD file - new location

Dapplegrey now has its own entry in the official PAD repository hosted by AppVisor. To get updates on this application, in the future please refer to

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Dapplegrey PAD file: