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dg3icon32 Dapplegrey 6.4.5

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Freeware, v6.4.5, © 2016 - 18 Classics For X

(20.7 MB, code signed, with Toolbox)

Screenshot of 'Dapplegrey'

Freeware, v6.4.5, © 2016 - 18 Classics For X

(12.2 MB, code signed, w/o Toolbox) *)

Freeware, v5.4.11 © 2007 - 16 Classics For X

(18.5 MB, code signed to pass Gatekeeper)

Dapplegrey is a frontend for the Mac OS X DOSBox port (which is available on the official DOSBox website) written in Xojo.
Also already installed
DBGL, SVN build versions can also be used as DOSBox source to run games with.
Boxer 1.0 and newer versions, thought, can't be fed with custom settings like set in Dapplegrey, because Boxer now uses its own settings per game only.

Dapplegrey enables you to set options provided by DOSBox, instead of editing the DOSBox config file by using TextEdit for each game you want to run.
The config file sent to DOSBox will be written to hard disk drive just before Dapplegrey tells DOSBox to start.

*) Why to download "Dapplegrey_Small" instead of "Dapplegrey.zip"?

  • The Toolbox included in "Dapplegrey.zip" can only be used when copied to "Application Support" before.The File menu holds a menu item to get it copied.
  • If you've copied the Toolbox before, you can easily download the file "Dapplegrey_Small.zip" to get a fully working copy of the application.
  • If you don't want the Toolbox content at all, you can also download "Dapplegrey_Small.zip" without any issues when running Dapplegrey for the very first time.
Games included in Dapplegrey's very own Toolbox:
dosbairlift dosbptrooper dosbturbocar
If you see the Spinning Beachball while running DOSBox & Dapplegrey, do the following:

If both applications, DOSBox and Dapplegrey, does not respond for a while, go to the Apple Menu and call the window „Force Quit Applications“.

This window can be also opened with Command-Option+Escape. If both applications together are marked with „(not responding)“, so simply force quit DOSBox alone, but not Dapplegrey (select the application DOSBox, click „Force Quit“ or press the return key to confirm this command).

Dapplegrey will be re-animated automatically shortly after force quitting DOSBox.

Dapplegrey may be included in any CD-ROM shareware and freeware disks or mirrored at any download sites, with no permission required.

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