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Mystery House Remake application icon Mystery House (macOS) Remake

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Mystery House Remake Screenshot

Version 12.0.1, © 2020 - 22 Classics For X

Freeware, to be downloaded free of charge

(Intel + Silicon, 21 MB)


Version 10.0.4 © 2003 - 19 Classics For X

Freeware, to be downloaded free of charge
(Intel Macs only, 16.5 MB)


"Mystery House takes place in an old house with many rooms. As you enter the house, seven other persons will be in the living room. Eventually they are dispersed throughout the house and you start finding them - dead!
You must find the killer before he (she?) ends up killing you."

(Intro text at the beginning of the game)

Link to the solution way of Mystery House:

"Mystery House Remake" may be included at any download sites, with no permission required.

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