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vbicon Abandoned Castle (Remake)

Screenshot of 'Abandoned Castle (Remake)'

Freeware, Version 9.0 © 2018 Classics For X

64 Bit

(36.4 MB, code signed to pass Gatekeeper)

Freeware, Version 8.5, © 2005 -16 Classics For X

32 Bit

(20.3 MB, code signed to pass Gatekeeper)

This is a Mac adventure Remake of a german Apple ][ game, the remake version has also been translated to english. After failing of all missions to explore the interior of this castle, two decades later someone enters the castle again. It's you! Will you catch the secret of the Abandoned castle but ESCAPE FROM IT LIVING? Is the Abandoned Castle really abandoned? How many failed discoverer will you find inside it?

At least the importantest of all questions: Where inside the castle is the hidden Gold Treasure located?

Original german Apple ][ version of this game:

At request of the Classics For X author, the authors of the Apple ][ version have re-released this version as Freeware.

You may download it here and play it with your favorite Apple ][ emulator application, like Virtual ][ or Sweet16.

VerlBurgA2.sit (53 kB, provided for Mac OS Classic)

VerlBurgA2.zip (57 kB, if you're on or Mac OS X)

As an option, download a PDF version of the original game manual,
provided with friendly agreement of the original game authors:

Handbuch.zip (696 kB)

Both the manual and the Apple ][ game has been written in german language.

Download a solution method in PDF format:



Verl-Burg-Loesung.sit (25 kB)

Verl-Burg-Loesung.zip (20 kB)

Screenshot of 'Verlassene Burg', original Apple ][ version

(c) 2006 Classics For X

You're standing in front of a hill.

"Abandoned Castle Remake" may be included at any download sites, with no permission required.

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