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Dapplegrey News blog

Dapplegrey 7.6.3 - Multiple floppy images

  • Mounting multiple floppy images to drive A: is working again (for now, supported only in DOSBox SVN versions).
  • Sorry, still not codesigned and notarized at all.

Dapplegrey 7.6.2 - Game Info window fixes

  • DOSBox 0.74-3-3 will be recognized now.
  • When editing game entry properties using the Game Info window, the games list available in the main window will be updated accordingly now.
  • When editing the game description in the Game info window, the application checks for maximum number of lines now, so it no longer should hang, when player's description reaches 30 lines.

Dapplegrey 7.6.1 - Frameskip settings

  • Frameskip settings has been fixed.
  • Because Toolbox Games and Applications listings are lost, they will be refreshed. So if you made some changes to these listings, unfortunately you'll need to reset them.
  • Unfortunately, this version is not code-signed, so you need to do a right-click to run it.

Dapplegrey 7.6 - DOSBox Staging Git Support

  • DOSBox Staging Git will be recognized now
  • GLShader (to be used by DOSBox SVN and Staging)
  • Better DOSBox-X handling
  • Some DOSBox-Staging options has been included as well (machine=cga_mono, GLShader, renderer)
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