Last Chance To See Reader
Version 11.5, © 2007 - 24 Classics For X
Freeware, to be downloaded free of charge
Version 11.2, © 2007 - 24 Classics For X
Freeware, to be downloaded free of charge
This is a Reader application supporting the 1992 PC & Mac software "Last Chance To See...", published by Voyager.
If you're running current macOS versions, this Reader simply replaces the original application available on these CD-ROMs.
64 Bit

(Intel Macs only, 89.3 MB)

64 Bit

(Intel Macs only, 87.4 MB
Hint: When opening Sidebar window, the application may ask for Accessibility. For opening VLC to play the sidebar audio files.
A special hint in case you're browsing the PC version of Last Chance To See:
If you're browsing the PC version, parts of the audio files included in the original CD-ROM needs to be played by VLC. This can be set in the Preferences of this "Last Chance To See" Reader application. More informations about this issue can be found in the "Converting audio files" help file included in the Download.
Optimized to read the english PC & Mac versions.
Supports original Mac version as well as the english PC version.
Localized versions like this
german one are not supported.
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