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Taipan Remake application icon Taipan (macOS) Remake

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Version 11.0, © 2020 - 2022 Classics For X

Freeware, to be downloaded free of charge

(Intel + Silicon, 12.6 MB)


Version 9.0 © 2003 - 18 Classics For X

Freeware, to be downloaded free of charge
(Intel Macs only, 10.2 MB)


You are as a trader sailing in the chinese sea of the 18. century and interested to became a Millionaire. Be aware of the pirates, and trade and trade and trade to make your money!

You're able to exchange savegame files with the "Taipan for Windows" version, which is still available at a number of download websites.
The Windows programmer, Thomas F. Carroll helped the Classics For X programmer to calculate the Taipan statistics.
Thanks to Thomas for this information.

Both the windows and Mac versions are offered as Freeware version.

Read more about Taipan at and

Hammurabi - a managemen simulating game placed in ancient time:
Hammurabi Screenshot
Hammuabi Icon

This version of the Taipan remake includes also a remake of the management game "Hammurabi", which has been used as manager training game in the early 1980's.

"Taipan (macOS) Remake" may be included at any download sites, with no permission required.

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Taipan Screenshot